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  • Faces faces faces

  • Summertime!!!!!!


    Fran’s children: Love the color and happy faces. It brings me joy!!! Fran Bull from Brandon, Vt, is an amazing  local artist.  She’s been creating remarkable pieces for years. Her work is currently being shown at the Chafee Art center […]

  • Love,  Actually, is all around us

    Last night I watched a Canada goose family one parent in front the other as rear guard eating in our hayfield headed for the pond, earlier in the day I saw swallows on their nests, bluebirds guarding theirs, goldfinches and […]

  • Hiking Moosalamoo

    For those of you who have stayed here before you will know that as you walk into the Swallows Nest you see Mount Moosalamoo out the windows. Every year we try to hike it at least once. We started this […]

  • Mount Zion

    Last evening a friend and I had dinner at the Lake House on Lake Bomoseen. We drove home in the late evening sunshine and stopped by first the Hubbardton memorial- simple,  elegant , then drove in to see the Japanese […]

  • Birdwatching 

    It’s the first day of summer and it’s gorgeous here in Brandon and at The Swallows Nest. I’m seeing bikers everywhere,  stopping to enjoy the sounds and scenes of summer. Fields are being hated, the corn looks like it’ll be […]

  • My love of Bald Eagles

    My love of Bald Eagles

    I saw my first bald eagle in my late twenties. I was in Washington state for six weeks one summer in the 1980s. I was floored by their size and intrigued by everything about them. I moved back east and […]

  • Middlebury Parents’ Weekend and Graduation Lodging

    We have been so fortunate since we took over running The Swallows Nest to have amazing families join us each spring and fall for Middlebury College graduation and fall family weekends. We’re all about Middlebury here. So if you are […]

  • Birds birds birds

    Birds birds birds

    Here are some awesome photos of birds in our area from this past week:  A loon on Lake Dunmore valued and protected by lake residents. One of a nesting pair, we get sometimes daily updates.  A whet owl taken by […]

  • We’re open for 2016. Please come visit.

    We’ve been busy gardening and making our property even better. Come visit. – The Swallow’s Nest


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